A little history on the chalet:

The Building:
House was built in 1993. This custom home is made out of spruce logs, custom shaped and assembled on the West Coast of Canada. During the same time the foundation was built on the site. The house was then disassembled in Canada and the logs were placed on two semi trucks in route for Taos. The house was then re-assembled in a day and a half on top of the foundation.

This type of log construction is very ancient. The scandinavian immigrants brought this technique to America. The hand pilled logs are carved on top of one another and notched at 45 degree on the corners. We designed the chalet in an X-shape that displays the notched angles best. During the first three years (five years at sea level), the logs are shrinking in diameter. The corner design accommodates for the shrinkage of the logs without creating space between the logs. This is the reason why you do not see caulking between the logs in this house. A total amount of five inches of shrinkage have occurred. Another feature of these logs is a small chamber placed between each log. In the case of high wind with rain on the logs, an air pressure increase is observed in the chamber which keeps the water out, to keep the wood dry. The same technology is used today in high rise building material, a specialty of... Swedish companies.

The snow melting roof:
The roof is maintenance free. A weather station sensitive to snow flakes triggers the heating tapes located under the metal shingles. This system melts the snow as it reaches the steel shingles and therefore prevent ice and snow formation for your safety.

Construction was finished Christmas 1993.
We tried to include comfortable features and an authentic Southwest decor and furniture that we enjoy very much.
We hope that you will enjoy your stay as much as we do.

Bernard and Betsy

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