Property address:

01 Cliffhanger Loop, Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525, USA GOOGLE MAP

Ski in and out: GOOGLE TRAIL

Driving directions from Albuquerque: GOOGLE DIRECTIONS

  1. From Albuquerque take the 25 Freeway North to Santa Fe.
  2. After 65 miles, take the St. Francis Drive Exit. Notice that the Freeway does not cross Santa Fe.
  3. When you are on St. Francis Drive, continue straight ahead. You will automatically be on Highway 84 to Taos.
  4. Follow the signs to Taos. Highway 84 will turn into Highway 68.
  5. In Taos, drive straight ahead on the main road and you will exit the town on Highway 64.
  6. 2 miles past Taos, turn right on to highway 150 towards Taos Ski Valley.
  7. 17 miles later, you will arrive in the Ski Valley.
  8. The road will suddenly go downhill, and you will see the Taos Ski Valley sign.
  9. During the winter months, do not attempt to drive to the house unless you have a 4-wheel drive car (at least one member of your party should have a 4-wheel drive car). Park your car in the resort parking lot and get a lift to the house: 575/776-1472.
  10. If you are certain that you can drive on a steep road covered with snow and ice, drive through the parking areas. If a city employee stops you, tell that person that you are driving to a private residence and that you are looking for Twining Road. If no one stops you, drive until the last parking area, turn left at the upper parking (reserved for staff) and turn right on Twining road.
  11. 0.7 miles later, after the fifth intersection, turn left in the driveway (after the intersection of Cliffhanger Loop). You will see the Longhorn Chalet (log home with green roof).